my balls are always bouncing, my ballroom always full

There are new developments to yesterday’s report regarding a possible fifth dimensional event spanning at least four decades, and seeming to center around the confluence of cafeine, nicotine, Black and White identities, and a pair of Jacks.

The Institute received a phone call this morning from a woman identifying herself as Ruby Hall, which we transcribe here with her permission:

Good morning, yes, hello, is this the Auntie Warhol Institute? Hi, yes. Someone forwarded me the article you posted yesterday, and I had a little bit to add that might fill in some of what happened in 1983.

See, back then, I was in Oddballs, and well, I’ll just say it, I played Françoi, back when I was still known as a boy named Ruddy.

I remember Jennifer Kaplan, and I sure remember Auntie. She said her real name was Theresa, at least that’s how the movie credited her, but we all called her Auntie. She was in the movie too, she played Miss Renoir. Jennifer had a small role as the older French Girl who I was to try and hit on when all the boys snuck into a bar. Auntie and I both worked with Jennifer offscreen because Jennifer was the only one who spoke native French, and she had to help us both with our accents.

Anyway I do remember one night when shooting was nearly finished, Jennifer and Auntie said they were going out to a party somewhere. I still had another scene to shoot the next day, and was hoping Jennifer could help me with it. But Auntie said it was very important that Jennifer went to the party, said Jennifer was “the relay” or something.

So they left, and I don’t know what happened after that. But I do remember after Jennifer got back, she was smiling and giggling for days. I asked her about it once, but she just giggled and said, “you had to be there”. And I never did see Auntie again after that night.

So there you have it; if this information is accurate, and it does seem to hold with what we know already, then 1983 was indeed part of the equation, if only because Jennifer Kaplan’s presence in both ’83 and ’93 provided a continuity bridge back to 1973.

Was anyone else from 1983 involved? We’re not sure, but Theresa Smith, aka Theresa Foster, aka Theresa Oster, did also play small roles in a few other B-grade 80s sex comedies, including having worked on Screwballs that same year. It’s not a great leap to speculate that other participants from that cast may well have contributed to the rather festive nature of the event as we understand it.


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