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Exciting news just in from a reader who works in the tech industry, and whose identity we’ve agreed to keep confident. Apparently Apple’s “iTunes” secure backend networks were accessed this morning by an intruder using the handle “aunt13w4rh0l”.

The hacker gained access by way of an as-yet undiscovered bug in the library sorting routines. Under the right circumstances, having the band called “The The” in one’s artist list will trigger an infinite loop in Apple’s “commafy” library function. This ultimately causes the server to run out of memory, segfault, and core dump, leaving the hacker in control of an exposed root shell.

The attacker doesn’t appear to have had any malicious motive, she just seemed to rummage around in the mp3 storage and play a few songs. FTP server logs show she dropped a file called “auntie_was_here.jpg” into a few select folders, unfortunately our source was unable to see the jpeg file itself or obtain a copy.

Apple officials have denied the incident, and specifically assured the public that no customer device or account has been breached in any way.

However, the hashtag #auntiewashere did trend briefly this morning, as a number of users of various iOS devices reported seeing odd behaviors, that they could not now reproduce.


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