Soup and Change

It is a treat for your editors here at The Auntie Warhol Reader when we get a rare message from Auntie herself. Ms. Warhol does maintain contact with ourselves and with the Institute, but it’s a “she can call us, we can’t call her” sort of relationship.

It’s amazing what Soup can do

This time Auntie wanted us to tell you about some work she’s been doing with the Obama campaign. First she was proud to support the campaign by donating a newly commissioned version of her iconic original work “Soup and Change”.

Second, she let Joe Biden sweet talk her into helping out with the fundraising, and she asks that all of her friends and fans join her in helping out with a donation to re-elect our President.

“I hope we all understand the importance of re-electing President Barack Obama”, she wrote. “We have a stark choice at hand. We can continue the path towards a rational and compassionate society working together to solve our problems and create the rising tide that lifts all boats — or we can give rich people better Magic Underpants and work harder to appease the sky king by sticking it to all the most vulnerable among us. Talk about a no-brainer.”


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